Annual Auction 2020

Uncertain if we would even have our annual auction this year, we managed to pull it off on Saturday 25th July. If not for the great effort the committee put in getting things organised. Once it was decided we would go ahead, Steven got the invites to the vendors out, correlated the catalogue and Christine got the catalogue out to every one. On the day members arrived nice and early got everything setup, Vendors booked in their birds and the auction began at 11:00 am sharp. Alan did a great job at running the auction (he is made for this stuff). We got through the first 40 odd birds, had a short break for lunch and coffee and then back into it to finish the last 25 – 30 birds. We had a total of 70 birds, all of good quality and some really good ones. Prices where fair and reasonable and I think everyone, both sellers and buyers alike were happy with the result.

There was fresh hot dogs and sandwiches on the menu along with hot tea and coffee. Water , soft drinks and chocolates were also available from the kitchen.

Accessories was very busy as well, Alan and Keith were kept on their toes before and after the auction.

2020 Annual Auction a great success and thank you to all those who participated and helped. We could not have done it without you.

Did you miss out on the fun? All things being equal we should be holding the 2021 auction in June next year. In the meantime it is business as usual, club meeting schedule is now back on track so we shall see you at the August table show. The specials for August are Normal Blue, Dilute, Cinnamonwing, Fallow, Hen, Dark Eyed Clear.

Til then, happy birding


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