About Us

Who We Are

The hobby of keeping and breeding exhibition budgerigars has been around for almost a century maybe longer. The hobby is enjoyed worldwide not just to the birds native Australia. The bird styles may have changed quite a lot over the decades but the breeding principles and bird husbandry remain the same.

 We are a bunch of budgie enthusiasts who like to get together and talk all things budgies and we even like to show off what we have bred. We are quite a mixed group of people, young and old, boys and girls. There is so much experience between all the members, we should write a book.

We all had to start somewhere and that is normally at the beginning. Getting started on the right foot could be crucial to your enjoyment of the hobby. So it pays to get it right from the start.

The benefits of being in a club is that we are all passionate about the same thing, we are willing to share knowledge and experiences. Willing to help newcomers to the hobby with the right advice. Nothing worse than getting advice that isn’t right for you.

You have access to some of the best advice available because it is generally firsthand experiences and lessons hard learnt. Some members have been breeding exhibition birds for 20 years and longer.

You will also have access to a small range of products the club provide at very good prices. Vitamins and supplements and various accessories

You gain access to some of the best bloodlines and stock not generally available in your local bird shop, Top local and interstate breeder bloodlines are generally never found in pet shops. These lines are mostly exclusive to club patrons.

Come along to our next meeting, meeting some fellow enthusiasts and see what you think.